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Aug 2

Feast of the Portiuncula

Today (Aug 2) is a feast day special to all Franciscans—the Feast of the Portiuncula. St. Francis seemed to have a special attraction to old churches—particularly ones that were falling to ruin. When was struggling to determine what it was he was to do with his life, he prayed in the little church of San Damiano. There he heard a voice saying to him, “Francis, rebuild my church which you see is falling into ruin.” Taking that injunction very literally, Francis set about rebuilding the little church—stone by stone. He did the same with other abandoned churches in the area. One of those was the little church of St. Mary of the Angels. Francis called it the “little portion,” Portiuncula, and it became very special to him. It was there that he gained more a more concrete awareness of what God was asking of him.

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Francis of Assisi - An Introduction

Every year – or so it seems – very good biographies of St. Francis of Assisi are published. The ones published in the last 10 years all share some great qualities: readable and increasingly historical – introducing the “real” St Francis of Assisi to the world. 

You might ask why I say the “real” St Francis? Did you know that statues of St Francis are the second most popular lawn/garden ornament sold every year – right behind pink flamingos.  Rather like the popular icon shown here.


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Assisi, Italy

Assisi, Italy