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Come Away….to a deserted place…

from a Sunday homily, July 22nd - with readings from Jeremiah 23 and Mark 6:30-34

One of my friar friends, a talented and budding theologian, is quite attuned to the ethos and spirituality of 20-somethings. He seems to have a finger on a deep vein of the spiritual river that runs through his generation.  He himself is among their number.  Just ordained, he is starting his PhD program at Boston College – but he is hardly a “rookie.”  Fr. Dan is well published in theological and spiritual journals and has several books under his belt and others in the production pipeline.

Fr. Dan always has a handful of irons in the fire.  One on-going project has been a theological evaluation of the Christopher Nolan movie series about Batman, which he refers to as the Dark Knight Trilogy.  Given Fr. Dan’s writing and reflection on the movie series to date, I thought I would check his various on-line blogging sites to see is he had any theological reflections on the unbelievable tragedy that has taken place in Colorado.  He wrote that he has been silent on the tragedy because the senselessness of the event is silencing. He needs time and space to consider what has happened in order to know what he might write. 

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